Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Mandatory Introduction

Hi there.  You found my blog.

Who am I?  My name is Chris Voss.  Some call me by my first name, others by my last.  My middle name is Walter, which is where my tag comes from.  I just began this blog out of a desire to learn more about the autism spectrum.  I was diagnosed with high-functioning autism at age four, viewed as having Asperger's Syndrome by the time I reached high school, and then I came public about my case during my college years.  Recently I've decided to try giving back to those who might be just "normal" enough to function with society, but just "different" enough to be seen as eccentric, or whatever word they use these days.  I noticed that many blogs come from parents of children or doctors, and those who are on the spectrum are publishing books.  However, I wanted to start a blog that would be more free-form in nature.  Over time I'll trick it out slightly.

My goal of this blog is to share some life experiences with the world.  They range everywhere between trivial everyday situations, the habits of the Aspie (well, at least this version), perspectives on the broad subjects that people are curious about, how others have reacted to my oddities, and some occasional news and opinion concerning the spectrum.  I will try hard not to deviate, as I have a personal blog for that.

Some experiences will be more interesting than others, and some topics may border on controversial.  When all is said and done, I hope you get as much out of reading each blog entry as I do writing them.

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