Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tommy Westphall

I've never watched St. Elsewhere.  However, I know that the careers of David Morse, Denzel Washington, and Ed Begley Jr. were launched by the show.  I also know about the finale and Tommy Westphall, the son of the main doctor.  It turns out the show was in his imagination (spoiler alert, right?) this entire time.  Interesting enough, St. Elsewhere had a direct connection to Homicide: Life on the Street, which has many other connections, in part thanks to Detective John Munch's presence (his move to SVU, and his cameos on The X-Files, The Wire, and even Arrested Development).

Westphall was also autistic, which might not be a surprise considering the extension of his fictional universe.  Thankfully, someone came up with a chart and a theory about the "Tommyverse."  It's more than a cool finding, if you ask me, considering the 282 interconnected shows.

Click for the extreme close-up.