Wednesday, January 11, 2012


A new year is here, and I finally have something to write, or at least a series of discombobulated thoughts, coming out like Pez candy.  It begins with a dispenser.
  • I don't always know what to talk about as the year of the outlandish is upon us.  According to the Mayan calendar, we're doomed.  Here's the thing..I'm not one to believe in stuff like the calendar, but I am one to take someone trusted seriously when they attempt to get me to believe anything.  So it's like an inconsistent gullible nature.  I'm one of those types who would prefer to believe the best in people.
  • Moving is something I have become used to; I was very happy to return to Philadelphia for break, but in another example of what someone once called 'autistic maturity,' I was actually quite happy as soon as I returned to Raleigh.  It's really become a home to me, as has the Southern Pines area...that whole US-1 corridor feels like home now.  I used to think I would never leave PA, but that mindset changed in summer 2010, and my job situation (combined with the job situation of a significant other) led me to actually change states.
  • Despite that, I am dreading filing my may get a couple phone calls.  However, I feel less of a need to call my mother than I used to, which makes me happy since many of us have that need to rely on our caretakers.  Never a bad thing, but also nice to truly feel like an independent.
  • I somehow drifted away from a list-making compulsion for the first time in...well, the first time ever.  No year-end albums list, no actual top five ranking (only that certain items would be 'top five' in a category).  I moved away from that since I was now at a longer distance.  When I came home I felt more of a need to speak up, but the familiarity allowed me to fall back into an old habit.
  • I finished a course in CSS/XHTML via Sandhills Community College, my first time in a school setting since, well, my college graduation (I don't count some of those Comcast University training seminars).  This wasn't a tough course and was more instruction on a new language (not very abstract), yet the work I did have to put in made me feel like I could still pursue graduate school.  Now I need to get ready for that wake-up call later this year.  GRE prep is about to begin later this month.
  • Going back to the moving, I have still not participated in any autism-spectrum-related organizations, especially since I left two local chapters behind (though one comes from a continental organization).  I would still love to set up a Triangle chapter for the GRASP partnership once I am comfortable and have some help, but I'm concerned about how long I will be spending in North Carolina (whether it is Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Apex, or even Greensboro), stretching myself thin in terms of time, or possibly trying to run it too much like the Philadelphia chapter (Bob gives me a high standard to live up to...if he's reading this, he deserves even more props than he likely already gets). Here's hoping I can balance this.
  • They call us creative, but not focused.  I'm creative enough to almost have an EP of musical beats and breaks finished, but not focused enough to have it done yet.  My goal is to finally have it out this spring, and hopefully to get a few people to listen to my 'side project' which my brother's rap career helped inspire.
Otherwise, I'm out of things to say.  I'll likely post again by February!