Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So who here knows much about mentoring?  I just became part of an ad hoc committee for mentoring with our Aspie partnership, and it seems that they want me to come up with fundraising ideas.  I'm wondering if I should apply to write a grant, or maybe do something even bigger.  The key is getting things focused.

The general program idea is online communication between a secondary school student and a mentor of any age level as seen fit.  They speak regularly on advice questions, and there may be regional group get togethers if needed.  This would also be monitored for security.  I hope this turns out to make some sort of difference; I really want to put some energy back into that after running around like I was lost in the woods during 2010.

Speaking of 2010, I have something to say about that year a bit later.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Holiday Transitions

Welcome back, as it's a new year.

I have my holiday rules and traditions, some more recent than others.  However, I have two or three major things I do every holiday and have trouble making exceptions for them otherwise, sadly enough.

I have to see the Christmas light show while in Philadelphia, but if I left or didn't have easy access I wouldn't need to see it.  I also want to watch A Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve every year.  That is a tradition.

The big thing with me is that I have an issue with Christmas stuff on December 26 or later.  To be honest, my window is between Black Friday and Christmas Day since I don't really like holidays that are not in the same 'season' to overlap.  Christmas is pretty much a full season and the single grandest holiday ever.  However, I like to at least get Thanksgiving done before we start Christmas, and when it ends why the heck are we hung over from it?  There's so much emphasis on this season that it needs to be constrained to me.

Maybe I should play Aspie schoolteacher and note that for me, it's about a holiday routine.  It's also why I won't go look at lights after Christmas is over.

Overall, it was a good Christmas at that, and it's good to find another subject to write a mini-entry about.