Thursday, May 5, 2011

Switching Employment

My job recently came to an end.

It was not easy, but the contract finally came to a close and they did not bring me on full-time, because my desires did not seem to match up with what I could be provided.  Granted, I had been considering an exit because I was not as happy as I once was, but I was going to stay on until ready to depart.  Of course, now this is forced on me as I was told my services would no longer be needed at the end of April.  I had become overly stressed, and it was showing although I had been doing my best to keep any incidents from coming up. Still, the big reason I didn't get a match is because past behavioral quirks did me in.  Some of these could be fixed, but some of these take time...maybe quitting smoking is an analogy for aspies.

In retrospect, handling it with a simple
head in hand would have sufficed.

So now I'm in a tough spot for people like myself.  I'm wondering what the next stage is for the first time since my '07 layoff.  That one was considerably tougher as I was fresh out of school and already pushed out of the job I had accepted (although that was the most unhappy I had been...I even got lonely for the first time, and I never get lonely).

My new quest is looking for some brief 1-2 week projects to work on before my vacation to the West Coast.   I also debate if I should trick out this blog a bit more, considering I do have knowledge of HTML and some CSS, although that may be for naught at the end of the day.  It would be nice to be able to present something on here, like a webinar.  A lot of this comes back to focus; I know what I want to do, just not how to do it.

Instead, I get distracted when I go nowhere and start morphing an old Excel spreadsheet with Wilt Chamberlain's 1961-62 averages (IMO, one of the top three statistical seasons for any basketball player ever).

DateGameGame #MinutesFGMFGAFG%FTMFTAFT%ReboundsAssistsFoulsPoints
10/19/1961Los Angeles at Philadelphia14821440.4776120.500251148
10/20/1961Los Angeles at Philadelphia24824460.5229170.529321257
10/21/1961New York at Philadelphia34821410.51211170.647350253
10/27/1961Syracuse at Philadelphia44821450.46713210.619243355
10/28/1961Philadelphia at Syracuse54817430.3959140.643233043
11/3/1961Boston at Philadelphia64812310.387490.444331228
11/4/1961Detroit at Philadelphia74824480.50010160.625330158
11/8/1961Philadelphia at Detroit84823460.50012190.632231358
11/9/1961Syracuse at Philadelphia94820380.52615270.556290155
11/11/1961Philadelphia at Boston104817400.4257130.538213441
11/14/1961Philadelphia at New York114813270.4818170.471182234
11/15/1961Cincinnati at Philadelphia124818420.4297130.538185143
11/17/1961Los Angeles at Philadelphia134824480.5008190.421322156
11/18/1961Philadelphia at Syracuse144813320.40613200.650172139
11/19/1961Philadelphia at Chicago154824470.511380.375160251
11/21/1961Philadelphia at Cincinnati164820440.4555150.333346045
11/23/1961Boston at Philadelphia174812340.3537120.583305131
11/25/1961Chicago at Philadelphia184815370.4059120.750383239
11/28/1961Philadelphia at St. Louis194813280.46413250.520221039
12/1/1961Philadelphia at Los Angeles204822470.46816260.615214160
12/2/1961Philadelphia at Los Angeles214811220.50015260.577241137
12/5/1961Philadelphia at New York224817310.5485120.417224139
12/6/1961St. Louis at Philadelphia234812270.44415200.750161239
12/8/1961Los Angeles at Philadelphia246331620.50016310.516431478
12/9/1961Chicago at Philadelphia254828480.5835100.500360361
12/10/1961Philadelphia at Chicago264823440.5239160.563262455
12/12/1961Detroit at Philadelphia274822420.52410140.714255254
12/13/1961Philadelphia at Boston284822430.5128120.667300252
12/14/1961Syracuse at Philadelphia294817390.4369170.529222143
12/16/1961Philadelphia at Chicago304821390.5388120.667213350
12/19/1961Philadelphia at Cincinnati314824470.5119140.643251057
12/20/1961Philadelphia at Detroit324824470.5117110.636190055
12/25/1961Philadelphia at New York335823440.52313220.591360359
12/26/1961Syracuse at Philadelphia344821530.3969150.600291251
12/27/1961New York at Philadelphia354820420.47613180.722304353
12/29/1961Los Angeles at Philadelphia364824430.55812190.632263160
12/30/1961Boston at Philadelphia375317340.5007130.538283241
1/1/1962Philadelphia at Los Angeles384813290.4486120.500203132
1/3/1962Philadelphia at Los Angeles394014250.5608120.667182136
1/5/1962St. Louis at Philadelphia404820390.51313210.619222053
1/7/1962Philadelphia at St. Louis414823410.5619170.529212355
1/9/1962Syracuse at Philadelphia424818370.48611210.524271347
1/10/1962Philadelphia at Detroit434815400.3759130.692251039
1/11/1962Syracuse at Philadelphia444819400.47514240.583225052
1/13/1962Chicago at Philadelphia454829480.60415250.600360273
1/14/1962Philadelphia at Boston464827450.6008100.800282162
1/17/1962St. Louis at Philadelphia475324480.50014200.700234362
1/18/1962Cincinnati at Philadelphia484822500.44010160.625313054
1/19/1962Philadelphia at Detroit494823420.5487100.700212153
1/20/1962Detroit at Philadelphia504817390.43610140.714285044
1/21/1962Philadelphia at Syracuse515325420.59512170.706233162
1/24/1962Chicago at Philadelphia524823560.4119110.818325155
1/26/1962Philadelphia at St. Louis534816290.55215190.789224347
1/27/1962Boston at Philadelphia544821280.75011170.647271353
1/28/1962Philadelphia at Boston555317310.54816220.727203450
1/30/1962Philadelphia at New York564822400.55011190.579273155
2/1/1962Cincinnati at Philadelphia574822360.6119160.563265153
2/2/1962New York at Philadelphia584812310.38711190.579194135
2/3/1962Philadelphia at Syracuse594815350.42911140.786153041
2/4/1962Syracuse at Philadelphia604819350.54312180.667262050
2/8/1962New York at Philadelphia614823370.62213190.684240059
2/9/1962Philadelphia at Boston624815320.46918230.783291148
2/10/1962Boston at Philadelphia634816330.4856140.429314138
2/11/1962Philadelphia at New York644818360.5006130.462255042
2/13/1962Philadelphia at Cincinnatti654824400.60017300.567224365
2/14/1962Philadelphia at Detroit664817380.4478130.615273142
2/16/1962Cincinnati at Philadelphia674818370.48612170.706234048
2/17/1962Philadelphia at St. Louis684826440.59115200.750282167
2/20/1962Chicago at Philadelphia694821460.457680.750212448
2/21/1962Philadelphia at Syracuse704819330.5768170.471162346
2/22/1962St. Louis at Philadelphia714821360.58319340.559261061
2/24/1962Boston at Philadelphia724811240.4584130.308310126
2/25/1962New York at Philadelphia734825380.65817220.773211167
2/27/1962Philadelphia at St. Louis744825430.58115200.750232365
2/28/1962Philadelphia at Chicago754824460.52213170.765286461
3/2/1962New York at Philadelphia764836630.57128320.8752522100
3/4/1962Philadelphia at New York774824410.58510160.625354058
3/7/1962Philadelphia at Boston784813380.4334110.364272130
3/11/1962Philadelphia at Syracuse794819270.7046180.333262244
3/14/1962Philadelphia at Chicago805315340.441450.800334334

Watch my search page jump just because of this record.

I've been hitting my goal of two job applications per day each day, since it takes me forever to do a cover letter.  I have also been doing some seminars on helping myself with the job search; one was useless as it applied more to senior-level executives.  I'm also not going to have 500 LinkedIn connections anytime soon.

Explaining Asperger's Syndrome to future employers will be tricky, but my new debate is if I should present this.  I will be flying down to North Carolina for two interviews in less than two weeks.  Hopefully I will have three.  Research Triangle is rising and UNC-Chapel Hill has a grad program I have intensely set my eyes on.  I'm also trying my hand at some brief skill tutorials where needed.  I now have time to write and continue beats as well.

So now I should continue to do those while keeping up the job hunt.  Maybe even continue redesigning this website.