Friday, July 29, 2011

Supernatural Powers

Watching a couple episodes of the third season of Supernatural (I enjoyed the first four seasons before believing the Lucifer-hunt season, when the proverbial shark was jumped), and Being John Malkovich, and finally Batman: The Animated Series, I have pondered the idea of supernatural abilities, and what power I most would want.  Many people, particularly of the NT variety, have previous said that they want powers of invisibility or flying, or even superhuman strength or shapeshifting.  I can't say all those powers would not be cool to have.  However, I think there are four powers that many of us on the spectrum would choose:

  • Telepathy: this one is pretty obvious considering how frequently we are unable to read body language.  So the ability to read the thoughts of everyone else would more than compensate.  If I knew what others were thinking I'd be the most charismatic person around.  When others want me to catch on to what they are saying, I can generally appear to be intuitive and somehow understanding.  The negative side is that I would try to please a mass crowd if I knew all of their thoughts.  Worse than that, I don't know if I am allowed to limit my telepathic abilities to one person at a time; sensory overload would surely take place.
  • Possession: oh mind control you devilish power.  Like many aspies, I am happiest when I have complete control over my own environment, aligned with my passive aggressive nature.  So what better environment control than getting into the mind of someone else and plugging in the thoughts you want.  Maybe I wanted that promotion; with possession of the boss' mind, I tell the physical version of myself that the promotion is happening.  The quandary with mental possession is this: who controls my mind if I'm controlling that of someone else?  Would I be on auto-pilot for those fleeting moments?
  • Time manipulation: Freeze time, and I may be able to get things done and look the part of superhero.  There are constant distractions for me, and if I can freeze time while being able to manipulate everything around me, I can get everything done in time, and possibly look like the fastest worker ever.  I could even cheat on exams or win at Jeopardy...even rig the lottery somehow.  However, I could still get mad tired and look like I'm often sleeping.
  • Teleportation: Instant transportation, by means presented in Star Trek, would allow more time to enjoy a vacation, or even a quick getaway.  I would enjoy the lessened financial burden with such a power, pending any medical bills if your mass ends up leading to bouts of disorientation.  The final reason is that my girlfriend is two hours away for the next year, so having that immediate ability would be nice for quality time.  However, what if the porting leads me to a spot in the middle of an interstate?  We all know that wouldn't end well.  Maybe if I landed in a ditch near Route 1 instead if the power forces me to be dropped.

Other powers would be nice, but those are what I see as a top four.  It's funny, because the superheroes that I admired most were those that didn't have super powers.  There was a strange appeal of the Watchmen when I saw the movie because there was a real and dark aspect.  Iron Man had the awesome suit. It is why I had such admiration for Batman as a youth.  He did not have the extraterrestrial abilities of his fellow Justice League co-founders, nor the sensory perceptions of the Green Lantern.  He just had the natural strength and athleticism from his workout routine and possibly some primitive form of parkour, the surveillance techniques honed over years, a combat belt with whatever equipment is needed, and a major thirst for vengeance...not to mention being a billionaire in charge of a technology conglomerate helped him finance the stealth vehicles and everything for the Batcave.  That last part was a buit of a stretch for those wanting to be superheroes one day, but otherwise he was always a badass vigilante who just seemed like a larger-than-life character in a realistic world.  It alos helped that Bruce Wayne, like Tony Stark for Iron Man, could pass off as a real person who had some flaws (former being image-conscious, latter being a boozer, both of them being major swingers).  I like Superman, Spiderman, most of the X-Men, and Green Hornet....and I always hated Aquaman.  Still, Batman is the one I always followed closest in the media.

Batman kept it real.
Special powers would be an advantage for me if I got one, but knowing my personality, it would not be easy for me to contain the power(s) provided.  I would find every justification for the use of the power when it is unnecessary.  Moments where I want revenge or to live strange fantasies would come at the expense of someone else who I had a problem with and wanted to teach a lesson the most passive-aggressive way possible.  Maybe if there was an Aspie League, something that unfortunately never got discussed, we would have so much fun trying to right the wrongs and injustices to those with mental handicaps.  However, there's a good argument that we would potentially abuse this to shape our own worlds, in accordance with the reasons I would love the powers above.  I have a tough time not seeing us turn on each other.  It's easy for an Aspie to be the most well-meaning, unaware egomaniac.

At the end, I would come up with the lesson that it is "just so great to be me!"  Especially because there is good and bad with each power.  However, I don't know if that's the case.  I like being me, but I know I'll still desire some supernatural ability when the time calls for it, as long as I don't have to sell my soul for the ability. Still, everyone is a hero to someone, and I guess I can make the best of being an Aspie with my own supernatural abilities.

Maybe that will be a future blog.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Settled In North Carolina

Well, actually I'm not quite settled yet.  There's still plenty for me to get done.  Among them:

  1. Title my vehicle.
  2. Unpack some remaining boxes that I wasn't sure how to unpack.
  3. Officially sign up for insurance with the employer.
  4. Budget breakdowns.
  5. Get a dining table and new couch (maybe).
  6. College course registrations.
I make lists well, but I can't always succeed at following said lists.  So that's a challenge in itself.  I think a few of us on the spectrum have that issue, because our minds are running around in circles all the time.