Saturday, March 17, 2012

Beware The Ides of March and Handling Other Superstitions

Yeah, I'm probably more superstitious, in a less conventional sense, than some people due to my OCD tendencies, which was worst as a child.  I'm not one of those who is bothered by Friday the 13th or walking under ladders on any day. However, I did have a huge problem with stepping on sidewalk cracks when I was younger...or stepping in driveways when cars rolled by.  I didn't get upset when these things happened, but I tried all I could to avoid taking such actions.

I get as paranoid as the next guy when it comes to places I go, but surprisingly, I'm not as much for true superstition.  Ghosts never fazed me because of the reality conflict.  I also didn't have much of a thing for bed monsters.  My biggest superstition as a child was putting worry men under my pillow.  I had those things at night believing worries could haunt me.  Of course, they still do.  If anything, I was more curious about debunking superstitions than I was scared of them.

Pretty much anything else, that could be added to a separate post, would count as obsessive, but I doubt it is a form of superstition.