Saturday, June 23, 2012

Abed Nadir

I briefly noted Sheldon Cooper being the most notable contemporary example of a possible Aspie on television, but Abed Nadir of Community may fit the bill even more so, at least as this essay would say.  Interesting to me how Abed's walking style is what did it for the girl referenced here.

Abed Nadir walked around like a bird or a giraffe, and he couldn’t do thumbs-up and he talked too fast and knew too many things and he was sharp and suspicious and easy and trusting. He did things that were simultaneously uncanny/creepy and sweet/thoughtful, and he couldn’t do bills or read clocks but he could tell psychiatrists to fuck off and he could fight with his best friend when his best friend tried to take charge, and he was jealous and sharp with his crushes. He had friends and private worlds, and all the scars that come from growing up a mistake, and things were imperfect and messy and painful and visceral but he always emerged okay.
Abed Nadir said “please don’t do a special episode about me” and Jeff Winger promised he “wouldn’t dream of it.”
And then he told Abed to pick one reference, and Abed picked 16 Candles, so they sat on the counter and ate chicken.
It's worth reading in full, as the piece isn't necessarily pointing out why Abed would be a true Autistic character, but how someone who is on the spectrum finds a way to relate to a character like him.