Saturday, June 26, 2010

Autistic, Aspie, Spectrum Person...What Name Should We Use?

Really doesn't matter too much, in my opinion.

I notice that I alternate between words and phrases that are similar.  I'm not sure which of these to use most of the time, and I don't think any of us need to use any words in particular.  They are simply a bunch of descriptors for the same thing, or so it seems.

I am a person with many autistic "features" which is why I was diagnosed this way, but as one of that group, I'm among the class that doesn't take offense to being called any of the synonymous terms for autism spectrum people.  Sometimes people can be particular about what version is used simply due to the diagnosis given.  Sometimes people just like the sound of a different word and really love using that.

However, I think there's a good case that some of us just have personal preferences to what we like.  I personally believe this: since I have the traits but I'm not sure which is the correct description, I can use any of those terms for now.  It's another case of nouns turning into adjectives until further notice.

Of course, I just take the label 'eccentric' to keep things simplistic.

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