Saturday, November 17, 2012

Random Links (or, Buzzfeed: The Truest Distraction)

I break from posts related to spectrum life to bring you a series of links that amuse me, which I doubt are limited to people on the spectrum.

First, dap denied...the 21 most notable unrequited high-fives in modern basketball history.

21 Greatest Unrequited High-Fives In Basketball History

Now, a moment of hathos from Bill O'Reilly:

Just in case you don't have Flash installed on your computer...

Then this just made me laugh, as someone who is a fan of The Wire and once liked professional wrestling.

Last, but certainly not least, this is not derived from Buzzfeed.  My brother has been winning freestyle battles on BET, and here's his victory speech from his last battle on Friday, with links to his battles underneath:

So that is among what contributes to my short attention span; I guess it does relate to the spectrum somewhat.

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