Monday, November 1, 2010

I Repeat Myself

I have a great long term memory, storing so many little pieces of data once memorized.  It is ridiculous that I have this ability, and it is something I am proud to admit.

However, I don't always have a short-term memory in terms of what I tell others.  I tend to repeat myself a lot, recalling lines that I dwell on.  I end up having to ask people if I told them the time I did something, because I have only started to realize how often I repeat myself.  It's because I need to let my thoughts out and I'm unsure how to do so.

It's because my mind races three million miles a minute.  I need to let thoughts out, even if I'm repeating them over and over.

1 comment:

  1. You're still better than me post-op where I essentially have no short-term memory whatsoever. If I don't write something down or make note of it in my phone I'll most likely forget it. Where it particularly bugs me is when I hear a song and I can't retain enough of that song to go search it up when I get the chance. That said, by relying on writing things down, I've found that I am much more organized and I have an easier time balancing things out. I don't know if you've encountered the same things in your everyday life but that's just my take.