Saturday, October 16, 2010

Data Data

I name this entry after an eccentric coworker who uses the word "data" so much in conversations that we just like to exclaim "data!"  Then he gets into it and says "give me data, fellas.  Data data."

So where, exactly, am I going with that?  Well, I am a person who likes data when making decisions, and when doing this project at work lately, I might have focused too much on the data and not on the abstract business picture.  I like when I have easily interpretable information in front of me where there is one meaning when it comes time for me to answer some sort of question.  I do like to think about the what-ifs and existentials, but I think of various scenarios that have data as a basis.  Data doesn't always have to be numbers.  It can also be simple factoids that relate to life as we know it.  However, data is tangible and not an abstract prospect, so I'm fine what standard data when I have to solve a problem.

I was always good with math, so that made data rather natural to come by.  So I think that gives me a natural inclination to also rely on hard data, which is easier for me to decipher especially since there are patterns involved.  I like that.

I also like my coworker's data jokes for worse reasons.

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