Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Starting Awareness Activity In New Places

In a few months, maybe by the start of 2012, I'm going to resume my activities of autism and aspie support, especially considering a series of events that have gone down personally.  As mentioned enough times before, I've taken a break from some of that 'activism' and finding the right groups to work with, as I have been getting settled in with a new job and a new place of residence.  However, my experiences with the groups of children in Philadelphia, and ASCEND and GRASP alike, made me want to continue with something if possible.

I have noticed that there aren't many nationally active groups in Raleigh-Durham, unfortunately.  So this leads to the possibility that I will need to start up something myself.  Our old GRASP chapter adviser in Philly and one of the members of our national board has been willing to give me support, and I'd like to see something happen since I still keep up with them.  However, the hard part about a startup with me is that I'm usually not the one meant to begin the project from the ground up.  I'm more often the type who runs with ideas after the seed is planted, ascending to leadership that way.  For instance, I joined an established GRASP group, but when help was needed for a national social network/mentoring project (which is unfortunately on hold right now due to various reasons, but we should get somewhere eventually), I stepped in.  I was also able to provide Bob with some help on operational tasks last year through my move south.  Starting from the ground up would not be as easy.

Maybe I'll have the chance to check out some groups.  I joined Meetup since I hardly know anyone down here, and found some Raleigh aspies in a group.  I'm supposed to meet with them next weekend (after the greatness that is Hopscotch Music Festival; seeing old friends but also possible networking if I don't close myself in).  That could be a gateway into finding a group, via other live people who can tell you suggestions where one did not look at first.

My final concern is time and priorities.  I have some music composition I'm doing for this fall that is high on my list, the continued acceleration of responsibility at my job, and a potential part-time teaching gig on computer basics.  So I can't stress myself out trying to do all of this at one time.  However, it is still of importance to me and it would be nice to get something started here and something back off the ground with me.  Anyone have any suggestions?

How did I go an entire month without an entry?  Too busy reigning my mind in, as always.

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