Saturday, August 21, 2010

Is This Giving Back to the School Children?

I want to help some kids out.  Some of them read it in good books like this one, while some learn from experience.  I'm trying to find the right outlet to help with the latter (since I'm really not enough of an author right at the moment).

I had a membership with the Autism Society of America last year, but I decided that it was not fitting the needs of what I aspired to accomplish, and with that I decided not to return for year two.  Not to say that there isn't opportunities out there, but I didn't think I had the right ones, necessarily.  I do have some opportunities I'm discussing with our local ASCEND group in Philadelphia, and hopefully they can come to fruition if I talk with the right people.  It's not easy taking the first step.

My idea of what I want to do is possibly meet with a child who is currently in mainstream learning (regardless of if the child needs an IEP regularly or not) and ask about their experiences and see if I can relate.  I could even be someone who would talk to a small group of these, helping to build some public speaking experience.   There's also the opportunity to talk to various parents who may understand this better, plus they are talking to the subject rather than the scientist.  It's really a way of showing those with high-functioning autism or another related AS 'disorders' that they will make it.  I graduated college and got a good job, moved into an apartment in the city and was able to take care of myself for the most part.

Then again, giving back was a small part of why I started this blog from the beginning.  I wanted to use experiences and tidbits as a guideline, and maybe ask questions of those reading this blog.

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