Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So who here knows much about mentoring?  I just became part of an ad hoc committee for mentoring with our Aspie partnership, and it seems that they want me to come up with fundraising ideas.  I'm wondering if I should apply to write a grant, or maybe do something even bigger.  The key is getting things focused.

The general program idea is online communication between a secondary school student and a mentor of any age level as seen fit.  They speak regularly on advice questions, and there may be regional group get togethers if needed.  This would also be monitored for security.  I hope this turns out to make some sort of difference; I really want to put some energy back into that after running around like I was lost in the woods during 2010.

Speaking of 2010, I have something to say about that year a bit later.

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  1. If you do grant writing just remember to keep the proposal succinct. If it becomes too long the granting agency will just ignore it. I like that you're trying to make a difference to others with Aspies. I would say start small and work your way to greater things.