Thursday, February 17, 2011

So Knuckle Hair Has Died

I no longer play with my knuckle hair the way I once did.  I grew a beard this year.  So I play with that.

These ticks change bit by bit.  Years ago I pressed on my nose cartilage.  In high school I messed with my eyebrow hair and made it bushy.  Then came knuckle hair.  I also had a habit of playing around with my retainer back in the braces era.  As mentioned in the prior entry, I have always had a need to play with something, but not always out of a nervous habit.

1 comment:

  1. I heard about your knuckle hair fascination from some fellow bandos in the clarinet choir. My reaction was "why are you making fun of him for it? There are worse things out there he could do." Of course, this was before I knew about your Autism. Still, I'm glad to see you're over it. I'm not cracking my knuckles as much as before so I'm taking some steps in the right direction regarding bad habits also. Good for you!